Our wholesale pricing considers a minimum purchase of US$ 500.00. All prices are FOB Chile. Freight quotes available upon request.

Our website,, is in Spanish only and is dedicated to retail sales here in Chile. But for the purpose of providing a catalog for the international sales of our Pica Glass, we have created this special section in English. Please access our Pica Glass catalog with the following button:

Pica Glass Catalog for International Sales

Please Note Our Pica glass products are currently available for sale and shipment from Chile to countries around the world. But please contact us by email  at concerning any questions you may have, as well as orders and payment details.

Also, please see the following points concerning the names and associated details of each piece of pica glass in this catalog:

Example of Name: PICA GLASS # 10,S,E(10X7X4CM,181GM)

  • The piece number in this case is 10,S,E.
  • “S” (Small) refers to the size and “E” (Extra), refers to quality.
  • “10X7X4CM,181GM” refers to the dimensions and weight of each piece.

NOTE ABOUT QUALITY GRADING: Our quality grading is mainly based on the presence or lack thereof of certain forms and shapes within each piece, such as nodules, striations, bends and folds, which are considered as the principal unique aspects of form and shape present in Pica Glass. For instance, our extra quality includes one or more of these mentioned forms or shapes, as well as good overall color and appearance. We estimate that only about 10% of all of the originally available Pica Glass from Chile is extra quality, and that the vast majority of this extra quality has already been collected.

Size Chart of Pica Glass

XS (Extra Small): 1 a 100 gm.

S (Small): 101 a 300 gm.   

M (Medium): 301 a 600 gm.

L (Large): 601 a 1000 gm.

XL (Extra Large): 1001+ gm.


Quality Chart of
Pica Glass

E (Extra): Highest Grade

1 (Grade 1)

2 (Grade 2)

3 (Grade 3)